Introducing Betterplace

Chances are, you are worried about the direction your country is headed. You know you should do something more to help out, but aren’t sure what, or how.

We built Betterplace to help you. Betterplace is a mobile web app that recommends simple actions you can take right now, action that is tailored to your own skills and interests. The experience is personalized to you so you can build your own agenda for the change you want to bring about.

Most of the calls to action that probably bombard you are about a cause, an organization, a party — someone else’s agenda that they hope you will follow. We built Betterplace for your agenda.

Why? Because everyday citizens now have more power than ever before. Think of the major challenges facing our society today. Who has an influence on whether women are empowered or harassed? Whether fake news is spread or not? Whether we succumb to — or overcome — racial prejudice and division? Each of us have a role to play as citizens.

Those fighting for the values you consider important know the power you have. All across the country non-profits and grassroots organizations are mobilizing people for change. There’s no shortage of emails urging you to do something. You probably feel bombarded by all the calls to action.

Betterplace cuts through the din to learn what makes you tick, and recommends action that suits you. It remembers the action you took, then makes more recommendations. Over time you build your own path, advancing the causes you care about, the way you want to and with the contribution only you can make.

Try it and see how easy it is to get involved. Visit on your smartphone web browser. Tell Betterplace a bit about yourself, and it will start you on your path to changing your country for the better.

Ben Rowswell