It Begins in Washington

Seattle is the birthplace of many great things: grunge music, Starbucks, Chihuly, and Amazon to name a few. Historically, Washington state as a whole has acted as a springboard for popular movements, like the opposition to the internment of Japanese Americans in the 1940s, and the movement against corporate globalization in the 1990s. Washington has also come to be known as the de facto epicenter of the Resistance (read more here and here). So it was natural for Betterplace to gravitate towards it as its launching pad. As an early stepping stone of its journey, Betterplace has forged partnerships with several Washington-based organizations working on important causes.

WAISN (the Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network) is a coalition of immigrant and refugee rights organizations and individuals that strives to protect, serve, and strengthen support capacity and resources to build power and a united voice in Washington. The network is comprised of working groups focused on developing community response teams and reporting tools to galvanize support and mobilize resources in response to ICE (US Immigration and Customs Enforcement) activity. WAISN hosts a hotline to report active raids and ICE activity, and offers a text message alert service about ICE activity.

Fix Democracy First is an organization aimed at improving the American democratic system by striving to make voting fair, easily accessible, and representative. It sees the root cause of many social, political, and environmental problems facing Americans today as the dysfunctional democratic system, particularly the influence of wealthy donors and corporations on elections. In Washington state, Fix Democracy First is fighting and making meaningful progress in improving democratic institutions, including state and local voting and elections systems.

For over 40 years, the Tenants Union of Washington State has been on a mission to create housing justice through empowerment-based education, outreach, leadership development, and advocacy. TU has a strong conviction that tenants must be the leaders of efforts to transform housing conditions, and works to create concrete improvements in tenants’ living conditions, by both challenging and transforming existing unjust housing policies and practices.

Citizens of Washington state now have Betterplace in their toolbox to continue advancing agendas for change. Want to be part of the movement too? Take action on Betterplace today and start making a difference right now.

Ben Rowswell