Campaign Schedule 
Change It Up

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  • Why are we still using a colonial education system?

  • Less conforming. More curiosity.

  • Get a high school education without going to school!

Ad text

  • Ever wonder why so many kids, particularly Indigenous kids, drop out? Ever think there must be an alternative? There is: align school with the way we are designed to learn!

  • Homework is a nightmare. Your kids don't want to go to school. Your teenagers are stressed and unhappy. You worry about graduation and post-secondary options.

  • Imagine an alternative education where you can focus on the things that interest you and get into a great university, college, or career

Outreach schedule

Weeks 1 & 2

Distribute the link to your petition through your organic network.

Week 3

Send a follow-up message to your organic network to. Modify the language of the ask to increase urgency - “We’re almost there but we need your help!” Depending on the performance of the petition, if we are close to the target, switch the link to the campaign landing page

Include ask pointing people to the fundraising page. Language of that message should focus on the number of petitions signed to demonstrate momentum.

Week 4

Release social media ads based on performance of Weeks 1-3.

Week 5

Review who has taken multiple actions. Create Thank You content for those who have engaged multiple times.