planned parenthood invites you to stand with our partners in Our fight for families

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Make a difference.  Take action with us.

The images of children separated from their parents at the border are just the latest example of the onslaught on the values that define us as a nation.  Planned Parenthood is pleased to be joining in the National Day of Action June 30 with many other progressive organizations.

Many progressive movements here in Spokane are creating a common pool of all the action citizens can take, to give YOU the ability to choose how you can make a difference. Betterplace, a mobile web app, has already made a difference in Spokane, more than doubling the volunteers organizing the March for our Lives.

Please take a moment to visit Betterplace on your smartphone browser and sign up.  Then take on an action for Planned Parenthood, such as showing your support for the National Day of Action.  After that you will see all kinds of other actions to advance progressive causes.